Paralegal Division of the Utah State Bar

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

Chair   Lorraine Wardle

Chair Elect     Candace Gleed

Finance Officer   Paula Christensen

Parliamentarian  Deborah Calegory

Past Chair – Ex Officio   Julie Emery

Region Directors

Region I

Region II    Shaleese McPhee – Membership Chair

Region III   Stefanie Ray – Membership Co-Chair

Region IV   Deborah Calegory

Region V    Terri Hines  - Membership Co-Chair

Directors At Large

Paula Christensen – UPA Liaison

Robyn Dotterer – Ethics & Professional Standards Chair

Candace Gleed – Government Relations Committee / Communications Chair

Cheryl Jeffs – Ethics & Professional Standards Co-chair

Cheryl Miller – Secretary

Erin Stauffer – Education Chair

Sarah Stronk – Community Services Chair / YLD Liaison / Education Co-chair

Greg Wayment – Marketing and Publication Chair

Julie Emery -  Bar Commission Liaison / LPP Steering Commmittee