Paralegal Division of the Utah State Bar

Renew Your Membership . . .


***It is recommended that you have all of the below items completed before filling out your application.

Renewing members are required to complete and provide the following:

  1. If you are current member of the Paralegal Division, you will first need to complete your 2018-2019  Online Renewal (Please note: the renewal window opens up the first week in June, you will not be able to utilize this function before that time).
  2. Form C.  Please use the form appropriate for your situation:
                    Form C-1 (Current Supervisor)
                    Form C-2  (Freelance Paralegal)
  3. CLE Certification Form
  4. Click HERE to submit your completed forms.


Please do not send hard copies of the application forms to the bar.

The online process is all that is required.